True Wellbeing

At Rtambhara, we believe that true wellbeing consists of getting our 8 dimensions of wellness in a "personal harmony" as opposed to a balance, and finally transcending our 8 dimensions to the 9th dimension, which is transcendental wellbeing. In this transcendental state, we are connected with our Higher Selves and will experience unending bliss and a strong interconnectedness with all living beings, which will aid the evolution of global consciousness!


Our carefully selected and curated programs not only bring you picture-perfect destinations amidst hills and sun-kissed beaches,
but offers comfortable and convenient accommodation with a dash of traditional and natural elements.


Goodness in your food, adds to your wellness. This is given utmost importance at Rtambhara, where carefully crafted menus and dishes are prepared from naturally ripened & organic fresh produce. Following the Satvik diet regimen, our chefs will ensure you are served with healthy yet flavorsome food.

Cultural Connect

Adding an element of fun, Rtambhara ensures you soak in the local culture by organizing a host of activities such as folk dance performances, music, culinary classes, gardening and fine art programs.
We also encourage our guests to explore the destination and soak in the most that these lands have to offer.

What is Rtambhara?

Rtambhara refers to the ordered course of the manifested universe; the cosmic order which includes all laws - natural, moral and spiritual - in their totality which are eternal and inviolable.

Rtambhara Wellness is an endeavor to inspire those who are on a spiritual journey and want to live their lives with meaning and purpose and uncover their inherent potential!

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What We Offer

At Rtambhara, we envisage holistic wellness programs based on ancient wisdom "Sanatana Dharma" and traditional therapeutic methods from India to restore the balance of the Body, Mind and Atma. Learn a holistic way of life that brings the best of:

Spiritual learning
Satvik diet
Cultural exposure

The Rtambhara Community

We are a collective group that have at their core the philosophy that wellbeing starts at the physical and culminates in the transcendental! Each member of the team is on a spiritual path of discovery. We feel that we could help empower others through this collective to understand how to live life in tune with cosmic rhythm and balance....

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