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by Asit Ghosh

Moto : Learn to Fly

“Reaching greater heights in the world of education”

About Rtambhara

Our endeavour is to inspire people to explore and understand various facets of life be it transactional, transformational or transcendental that contribute to a happier and more purposeful existence.

Human Resources is your capital in a complex, uncertain and disruptive economy. It is vital for the success of any institution to achieve desired results and therefore necessary to nurture with care. We at Rtambhara value this fact and through our curated programs enhance leadership of individuals and teams through a renewed mindset. Outcome is highly aware individuals who are happy, motivated, innovative and productive.


Like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis a student develops and transforms during their academic timespan. An educationist equips a student with essential knowledge, skills and attitude to get a head start in life. Also acting as a role model for all the students they may directly or indirectly interact with.

While curriculum equips students with the essential knowledge to pursue further education or begin a career, the importance of life skills cannot be undermined. Today, students are constantly under pressure to perform well academically, global competition and plethora of career avenues only adds to the stress. As for the Educationists, skills required to guide, motivate and be a role model for the students is not only a necessity but pivotal for a successful educational ecosystem.

Designed and developed for Students, Teachers and Administrators to be personally and interpersonally effective, our programs have benefited thousands of participants in areas of Self-Awareness, Leadership, Achieving Goals, Productivity, Building Relationships, Lead A Balanced Life and Be Corporate Ready.

Facilitated By

Our training programs are facilitated by Mr. Asit Ghosh, Internationally acclaimed Master-Trainer, Certified Wellness Facilitator and Coach, NLP master, Keynote speaker, Fellow of AIMA, alumnus of FMS, Delhi University, ex-faculty of TMI, Denmark and Amity, winner of Bhaskar Award and listed in “World’s Who’s Who”, Asit Ghosh has conducted over 1500 seminars touching over 175,000 lives, hands counting.

Asit Ghosh has been the only Indian Speaker to address an international audience in the World Congress of the NGOs organized by World Association of NGOs (WANGO) on 9 June 2010.

Programs for Academia

Teachers and Faculty

  • A Tryst With Learning
  • Forge Ahead with Refined Quality
  • A Radiant Life
  • Getting Over All Limitations

Senior Administration

  • A Tryst With Learning
  • A Radiant Life

Junior Administration

  • Forge Ahead with Refined Quality
  • Getting Over All Limitations


  • Getting Over All Limitations
  • Right Habits for Bright Career
  • Psychology of Interview and Selection
  • Winnership
  • Chisel

Curated Programs To Create Impact

A Tryst With Learning (ATWL)

Building Resilience and Agility

An extensive two-day Premium Leadership Awareness program, mainly designed for educationists focusing on aspect of Emotional Intelligence that helps them develop as leaders and become role models for their students. Educationists understand and can implement scientifically proven techniques and technology that they can utilise in their roles to increase personal productivity, quality of work and relationship at the workplace.

Forge Ahead with Redefined Quality (FARQ )

Inspire Positive Change

One-day Leadership program designed for educationists to boost self-esteem, improve job satisfaction and relationships. For institutions to build goal-oriented, highly productive teams that work together in enhancing the quality of work while establishing successful relationships. Sequential Ideation through visualisation that will inspire personal change for you as an individual and team. Workshop includes demos using both audio-visual techniques to assist you in practical implementation of concepts assimilated.

A Radiant Life (ARL)

Holistic transformation through awareness

One-day program focusing on the holistic development of an individual that is a symbiosis between modern science and wisdom from ancient masters. We are familiar with the expression that “Life is a journey, not a destination” and this program focuses on thriving in life rather than just surviving.

Getting Over All Limitations (GOAL)

Transforming obstacles into opportunities

One-day program that focuses on setting goals, personal and/or institutional and overcoming obstacles to achieving them. Fostering self belief while working on elements of productivity, quality and relationship that are interdependent in accomplishing the goals. Use of psychologically proven methods and tools that helps individuals and teams in overcoming the limitations, thus enabling them to achieve their inherent potential.


Be a champion of your life

Behavioural training program that focuses on complete personality development of a student on a mental, physical, intelligence and spiritual level. This program consists of 10 modules that are of 4 hour duration each. Program focuses on working on everyday habits and attitude enabling one to be a driver and not a passenger in a vehicle we call life.

Right Habits for Bright Career (RHBC)

sculpt your career

A three-day induction program for senior students who have enrolled for professional courses and are primarily focusing on the Employability factor. This program is facilitated within the first couple of months of their enrolment into technical or management institute. Students in this program would understand how they can utilise the resources and opportunities to the fullest. This prepares them for the challenges that lay ahead in the corporate world.

Psychology Of Interview and Selection (POISE)

First Impressions Matter

Three-day Campus Readiness practical demos and workshop, that helps in building self-confidence and positive attitude. Prepping and working on presentation skills. Laying the groundwork for Interview and Group Discussions. A connection one makes could be just six degrees of separation from landing a dream job. Program helps you become your own brand ambassador and effectively present yourself during campus selection.

Channelling Individuals to Succeed and Excel in Life (CHISEL)


A program that focuses on making students confident, effective and successful. Focusing on the aspects of Effective Communication, Managing Stress, Developing a Positive Outlook, Improving Quality, Memory and Concentration, Developing Leadership and Relationships. Students will begin to understand and appreciate that efforts put in everyday will make them confident and excel in life.