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A transformational work philosophy

Todays Workplace Scenario

The profound and unprecedented rate of change is altering the economic, political, social and environmental landscapes worldwide. The materialism, opportunism and erosion of value systems associated with this change is adversely impacting our lives. It is forcing us to rethink- is there a better way?

In the Digital Era, dependance on Human capital is more than ever, since companies are having to deal with heightened complexity, uncertainty and disruptive market forces. Hence, to succeed, organisations need to nurture and develop Human Resources as best as possible.

Holistic Wellbeing

The quest for leading fulfilling lives, to find a purpose and meaning in what we do is universal. World over, businesses have recognized that employee wellbeing is critical for success and are exploring ways to address it.

We at Rtambhara, believe that a holistic approach to workplace wellbeing and personal transformation is necessary to infuse new creative energy and a change that is more impactful and lasting.

Our Program Philosophy

Our programs are drawn and designed from the treasures of knowledge and wisdom of ancient Indian ethos and culture. For high-performing organizations, it is important for employees to perform well. By gaining a deeper understanding of their inner selves and the interconnectedness that exists between everyone and everything around them makes them more creative, engaged and productive!

We believe that a new approach, which fosters both passion and compassion in the workplace, is also essential!

Our Approach to Workplace Wellbeing

Work from the heart

True wellbeing is possible only if there is harmony and balance in all dimensions of wellness. It has to be holistic!

At the core of Workplace Wellbeing is the Individual.

We set the perspective for each individual to create one’s own ‘personal balance’.

Once the balance is established, individuals are ready to perform to their higher potential and give their best at the workplace!

Personal Transformation

Our programs are designed to build awareness on the universal laws that govern humanity, the importance of understanding our inner self, discover our true being and initiate the process for change to achieve lasting wellbeing.

• Understanding the Nature of Existence

How we are all interconnected

Learn the meaning and purpose of life

Understand your unique role in this universe

Awaken to our INNER self

• Self Discovery

Improve awareness of body, mind and spirit.

Develop better self-discipline and self-control.

Delve deep to discover one’s creativity

Learn positivity and be an inspiration for others.

• Change and Transform

Improve your physical and mental wellbeing

Become a better version of yourself everyday

Be authentic and be real - build relationships that matter

Increase your effectiveness in your personal and professional space.


Program Objectives

Holistic Change

We believe in holistic change for Wellbeing. Our programs are aimed at facilitating participants to nurture their Body, Mind and Spirit and learn simple yet proven practices for true wellbeing and to lead harmonious and balanced lives.

Through the program learning and personal introspection, we believe that the base is set for enhanced workplace and personal effectiveness.

Reflect, Retune, Realize!

Our programs will help participants gain insights on:

Health - Understanding the human body and simple ways to manage health and diet through Ayurveda and Natural Lifestyles

Mind Power – Pranayama, Meditation and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) to tune the body and mind for higher consciousness levels

Personal Growth and Transformation - Through a self-discovery process to realize one's true inner potential and lead a life that is purposeful and fulfilling

Impact of Rtambhara Programs

Effective and Compassionate Leadership

Higher Productivity

Improved Creative and Critical Thinking

Enhanced Team Effectiveness and Bonding

Healthier, Energised and Engaged Workforce

Happier Work Atmosphere and Higher Retention

Who Should Attend

Our programs are suitable for participants at all levels and can be tailored to address the profiles, needs and interests of participants.

Our facilitators have expertise in Yoga, Ayurveda, Personal Development and Management and have also conducted programs for CEOs and top management.

Our programs particularly benefit participants who are ready to reassess their life’s journey and willing to transform themselves - to work to their higher potential and lead happier, balanced and more meaningful lives.

Program Specifics

For progam specifics, please refer to the detailed attachment

Program Schedule

Day 1

• Personal Transformation and Wellbring - A Myth or Reality?

• Understanding Your Inner Being

• Change from Within

• Your Happiness Quotient

• Yoga - Philosophy and Pranayama

• Eat Healthy - Food for Thought

Day 2

• Positive Thinking

• Your Inner “Space” - Meditation on the move.

• Live Life Right

• Happiness at the workplace

• Meditaion

• Essence of Ayurveda

Day 3

• Discover your unique purpose

• Knowledge vs Wisdom

• Visualize your way to success

• Gratitude and forgiveness for Happier Living

• Relaxation

• Preventive practices for wellbeing

Pre-program Connect

To make the training more effective, we will seek inputs from participants prior to the program. Participants will be expected to respond to a questionnaire on professional, personal matters and areas of individual concern, that they would like addressed during the program

Post-Program Connect

On completion of the training sessions we will stay engaged with participants through fortnightly online mentoring and coaching sessions for a period of 8 weeks, to reinforce the training content and monitor change.

At the end of 8 weeks, our faculty will have a review session with the participants, to assess the impact of our program.

Key Faculty

Meet our thinkers and doers

Krishnaphani Kesiraju

Program Director at Rtambhara

Driving the spiritual direction at Rtambhara, and modernizing ancient scripture to make it contextual to today’s living, Krishnaphani Kesiraju is the Program director and Chief Faculty at Rtambhara. He has forty years of experience in industry and academia. Study and research in Ancient Indian philosophical and spiritual literature are his passion. He is a keen student of Vedanta, Theosophy, and Jiddu Krishnamurthi’s teachings. He is instrumental to the shape and form the courses will take.

Bina Mirchandani

Chief Faculty at Rtambhara

Driving the relationship between spirituality and happiness at Rtambhara, Bina has experience of over 40 years in brand & retail strategy , combined with 25 years of study in Spiritual teachings. She also serves on the board of the "School Of Ancient Wisdom" in Bangalore. She has conducted "Happiness Differential“ workshops / sessions for well known corporates, institutions and social groups. The beacon of a happy mindset and a spiritual life, Bina is Chief Faculty at Rtambhara.

Asit Ghosh

Chief Faculty at Rtambhara

Driving the relationship between spirituality business at Rtambhara, Asit is an accomplished corporate trainer with an experience over two decades. He uses multiple techniques including spiritual modules. Asit has led several national and international retreats. Trained under Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Ramdass, he comes with the newest developments on the Spiritually oriented wellness and healing programs. He is one of our lead facilitators and banks of wisdom at Rtambhara.