School of Ancient Wisdom - Bangalore, India

The School of Ancient Wisdom is a centre for the development of the human potential in the tradition of mystery schools. It teaches the esoteric principles of ageless, ancient wisdom. The School allows aspirants to progress at their own pace, with the freedom to interpret the truth in the teachings, as they see it.

The centre is dedicated to realizing and preserving the ageless wisdom of the country, which provides a holistic view of the world and a vision for individuals to move towards a self-transformation process. The school aims to be a guiding force for dynamic living, where wisdom is above all and commercial motives don’t exist. We hope to steer mankind on the path towards right action, knowledge and illumination.

What We Offer
  • Various courses devoted to the spread of occult truth and the development of the higher virtues of life
  • Group Meditation
  • Yoga Library
  • Bookshop
  • Research Centre for Holistic Therapy
  • Ayurvedic Doctor
  • Website:

I.V.C. Road, Bangalore Rural, Bangalore, Karnataka 562110