Kaivalya Yoga, Nepal

KAIVALYA YOGA is established aiming to achieve Supreme Understanding spiritually. We are using total efforts to find the goal – ultimate realization. The word Kaivalya is ultimate realization as well, the wholeness. Kaivalya Yoga is created to balance life with as both legs walking; spiritual journey with worldly walks, does not matter what and wherever we are, synchronizing and connecting seeing that total being.

Kaivalya Yoga is a company of very spiritual practitioners and Masters along this, well known spiritual and ritual researchers in different ethnical communities of Nepal.

Kaivalya Yoga arranges and organizes Yoga and Meditation courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners separately with well known instructors experienced of 15-20 years.

Also we are authorized, registered and experienced with Yoga Alliance US, every month we organize Hatha Yoga and Asthanga Yoga Teacher Training.

We set Meditation classes for very spiritual seekers as Vipassana Meditation, Buddhist Meditation, Osho’s Meditation, Sanatana and Vedic Meditation.

We are specialized in Nada Yoga, we have very special Professional Spiritual Sound Healing Courses in different levels as well Tibetan way of Sound Healing and Singing Bowl Courses.

We have other unique programs as Traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho, Shamanic Tours, Cultural Tours and Researches.

What We Offer

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